Thursday, June 3, 2010

Road Trip

Two weeks ago I flew to Virginia, to help my husband finish packing and then move back home. He had spent the last 17 months in Virginia. The military had sent him there for his last assignment before retiring. But I stayed here, as we had a son graduating high school, and I take care of my elderly grandmother.

So my 2 adult daughters moved home to *help*. Only one moved out before dad came home.

My husband rented a truck to move his stuff, and a trailer to tow his little truck back in. And then we drove cross country. He had a bit of an agenda, wanting to stop and see family in the midwest along the way. We didn't make any of the sightseeing stops I wanted on the east coast. We did stop at the sapphire mountain in Montana, because our daughters asked us to. More about that another time.

It took 9 days. It was good, in that we got to talk, catch up, plan for the future, without the interruption of other people. It feels good to sleep on my own bed again. But, I don't like mountain passes. Scared the heck out of me. I clutched the pillow while my sweetie navigated them, telling me it wasn't that bad. And at least there wasn't snow, like when he drove east a year ago. So glad I didn't make that trip!

Now my house is full of boxes. I cannot believe how much stuff he brought back. And we need more bookcases?? And a whole box of boxes of cereal that he bought on sale & with coupons?

As soon as I got back, there was the trip to the hospital with my grandmother. Of course. Fortunately it wasn't anything serious, and could have been avoided if charting had been kept better by visiting nurse.

One of my daughters moved out just before I left. But my other daughter is still here, while waiting to hear back on job interviews .So the poor house is stuffed to the gills Lots of boxes. LOTS of books.

 And we are trying to get ready for 3 of 6's college graduation next week. She's the one that moved out.

And getting ready for my oldest to come home for that, with his wife & baby girl. And boxes everywhere.

Does life ever slow down?

This is the Powder River in Montana. Appropriate because my husband was in the 91st Division. (, 

Unfortunately there was no where to stop to get a better picture. And we were trying to meet our schedule. Maybe we'll make it back next year. And the girls can't hunt for their own sapphires.

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  1. That is awesome that you were able to ride back with hubby...that was a long time to be seperated. Glad he is retired and your family can be whole again. Ilive in Virginia.