Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Little Romance....

My husband, on his facebook page, posted a picture of some of the activities of Grad Week at West Point,  the United States Military Academy. He was reminiscing that surely it hadn't been that many years since he had taken part in all of that.

What I remember most vividly about his graduation day is this little story....

My grandparents had driven me up for the ceremony, so I was not sitting with his family during graduation. After the ceremony was over, I saw one of his sisters, who gave me a general idea of where on the field he was last seen. As I started to climb down the bleacher, we saw each other, so he knew about where I was coming from. Once I got on the field though, it became a sea of grey and white uniforms, and families looking for their loved ones.

But after a few minutes, just like in a romantic movie, the crowd parted, and there he was. Of course I ran into his arms..... it wouldn't be a romance without that scene, would it?

The day after he graduated we were married at the Old Cadet Chapel. Next week we will celebrate our 28th anniversary. A romantic trip? Oh yes, driving a Uhaul back from the east coast, where he has spent his last year before retiring from the Army. I stayed here at home this past year, as we had a teen graduating high school, and I take care of my grandmother. It's been since November since we last saw each other.

A Uhaul trip cross country can be romantic, can't it?

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