Thursday, May 6, 2010

Off to college

No, Not me.

2 of 6.

She was homeschooled from 3rd grade till high school. Around the end of what would be sophomore year, her younger sister wanted to take the culinary arts class at the local vocational school. I noticed they also offered an early childhood education class. 2 of 6 loves little kids, and I thought maybe she might enjoy this, and learn a job skill for after high school.

2 of 6, who was also extremely shy, did well. She started taking classes at the local community college as well. And finished high school at the vocational school. She graduated high school there, and went on at the community college. And then transferred to a state university, with a small honors scholarship.

Just before 6 of 6's first birthday came time for her to go ff to the state university. Since 6 of 6 was still breast milk fed, we packed up 2 of 6, her little sister 5 of 6, the baby, and drove across state. We got a room at a hotel with a swimming pool. Got 6 of 6 settled into her dorm room the next day. The following day we would drive home.

On that last day, after we had cleared the hotel room, 2 of 6 stowed all her stuff in the dorm, I dropped her off on campus, where she was to attend a reception for the honor's transfer students. She took pictures of us, we took pictures of her. She scolded me not to cry, because then she would start to cry. So I didn't.

Until she was about a half a block away and I watched her being swallowed into the campus. 5 of 6 is telling me that I can't cry and drive. I just sat there and watched my second baby go off into the world. Honor's transfer student. It was as hard as watching my oldest graduate boot camp.

2 years later she graduated magna cum laude. She's a smart chick. And great with 4 yr olds. Can you tell I'm proud?

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