Tuesday, May 4, 2010

6 kids....

So as not the embarrass my beloved children I will be referring to them in true Mother Borg fashion.

1 of 6 has been out of the hive for several years. He is a member of the armed forces, married and has a beautiful 1 year old daughter.

2 of 6 graduated 2 years ago from university, with honors, her mother said proudly. Her passion is working with children, especially the 4 year to 1st grade age range. And music.

3 of 6 will be graduating shortly, is a phenomenal cook, frequently my right hand in helping to care for aged parent & grandparent.

4 of 6 recently graduated high school. Is a part time college student. Hides a lovable teddy bear self behind a tough exterior.

5 of 6 is an adorable teenager, totally in the giggly teen girl set, but still sweet, compassionate, hard working. A wonderful mother's helper.

6 of 6, dear 6 of 6. What was heaven thinking sending me a very active child so late in life? But he is cute, hysterical, trying, very smart and I am exhausted. Have been since he was born 4 years ago. He doesn't sleep, never did. Rarely napped. Doesn't like to sleep in his own bed. But he makes us laugh.

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