Friday, May 7, 2010

Morning tea

This is my morning. Tea is first on the agenda, and waking up. I am not a morning person. I need hot tea to unclog my head & my mind. Usually 2  green Constant Comment teabags and 1 Red Raspberry Leaf.  I have a sitting area in my bedroom where I come to check my email, get my day lined up.

My little table started life as someones funky, homemade padded footstool, that I then made a pull on
 slipcover  for it.

When I rearranged my bedroom last month, instead of being used as a side table, I pulled it in front of my loveseat. But I was afraid that it would end up with teen agers' feet on it, since the tv is right across from it. So I decided to make sure everyone knew it's function.

And this was where I first started picking up aluminum trays. I saw this one in an antique store, for not much $, and realized it would suit my purpose...

Then I just collected my items and set them up. A tiny milk glass sugar & creamer, though since I started a low carb diet I haven't used them. Sometimes one of the kids will join me, and they do use the sugar & creamer. A pretty grape embossed vase serves as a spooner. A little milk glass berry dish is my *waste* bowl. A Buchan pottery Thistle teapot is just big enough to hold 3-4 cups of tea, and sits on a  milk glass plate I got at a thrift store. The tiny handle-less mug is for my 4 year old, 6 of 6. He likes to have tea with me.

Usually I will also have tea in either the late afternoon, or after 8 pm. Afternoon teas are usually Stash's Moroccan Mint, and evening tea is Good Earth's Green Jasmine tea. One of these days I am going to branch out into loose teas. But I haven't quite got the energy to adding another step to my morning routine. Maybe I'll start loose teas for afternoon tea.

My private oasis, until someone starts calling for me anyway.


  1. How adorable. I love tea also. I've been drinking Kombucha lately.
    I can't have caffeine in the mornings because it will make me wired, my energy starts winding down around 3pm and that's when I can hit the caffeine :)

  2. We tried kombucha, no one got into.

    Tea doesn't kick me in the pants as much as coffee does. Which is why I like tea for mornings. Coffee is for a little later in the day, but lately only if I really need it. Or my 4 yr old spent the nite in my bed kicking me.

  3. What a pretty little oasis! I need a spot like that. Hard to find in a tiny house filled with people and clutter. :-)

  4. Such a cute idea to set this up in your bedroom! We're so happy to hear that Bigelow's Green Constant Comment is a part of your morning routine. Enjoy!
    -Deb for Bigelow Tea