Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kitchen.. part 3...

I hadn't been thrift shopping or antiquing in at least 3 years when I decided to pop into an antique store next to the yoga studio I go to, after class. It was right about the time I started reimagining the kitchen, just prior to painting.

I kept seeing hand hammered and stamped aluminum trays. I liked a lot of the designs I saw, mostly floral or nature scenes of some sort. But couldn't imagine what I would use them for or where to put them.

While washing the kitchen with TSP, to get it ready to paint, I was scrubbing away at the back splash area under the cabinets, when the idea hit me. Those aluminum trays would make a great back splash! And I could take them down, pop them into the dishwasher and boom! Clean back splash!

The great thing about these trays are that they are easy to find and very affordable. $5 to $15 each. Once I started looking, I had a hard time not buying more than I needed (pack rat alert!).

My adult daughters and I wrangled a bit about placement. I really should listen to my oldest daughter, she is a talented artist, but I ended up wanting MORE and didn't follow her "less is more" sensibilities.

But it is my kitchen, so for now, it stays. You can see the back splash in Kitchen post #2 as well. Please forgive my poor design layout on the blog page, I am still new at this.

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