Tuesday, May 4, 2010


We have been in our house for nearly 12 years. It was the first house we bought, after spending several years as a military family moving around the world. It was definitely a cosmetic fixer-upper. Dh wanted to rip up nasty old carper, primer ceiling to floor, and move in.

I balked. After all that time in military quarters and rentals I wanted COLOR!! He sprayed primer everywhere, then sprayed the nasty popcorn ceilings. Then my older kids, a few friends and I painted. COLOR! Originally the kitchen, dining room, hall, stairs (all of which open onto each other) and family room were painted the same color. 2 years later I decided to repaint the living room a nice sage green. And I repainted the doors and trim in that period as well.

But for 10 years the open floor plan kitchen/dining/hall/stair stayed the same color. Until 2 months ago when I was washing the stair walls, for the millionth time, and noticed that in several spots I had washed away the paint altogether. Time to repaint!

Only I took another month choosing a color. Which meant several visits to the local home improvement stores, several sample cans of paint, lots of sample boards, one painting of the hall... only to find that the color was much too warm to go with the tile. And lots of input from my adult daughters, who moved home for this past year.
In the end I finally found a color I liked (Olympic's Frosty Pine) and decided not to paint an accent wall. BY the way, I love Behr's new Paint + Primer. It covered well on the first paint color we tried in the hall, and then the new color painted over that covered in 1 coat as well.

On to the kitchen....

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