Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I am not an organized person

I have been working on cleaning, rearranging & reorganizing my room, since my husband moved away(thank the armed forces) a year ago. I am still not done.

Procrastination is my middle name. And I have terminal pack ratitis. So not only do I not want to go through things, the "keep" pile is always bigger than the trash and giveaway piles.

But I am leaving in a week to fly to my sweeties current duty station, and then we are driving back, cross country in a Uhaul. Sound like a great way to spend our 28th wedding anniversary, don't ya think? But at least he'll be home. And can help deal with a 4 and a half year boy who still can't *aim* straight.

Back to organizing- I think I missed out on the gene that makes this a snap for some people, so I am looking for tips, a chore chart, anything to help me:
1. Stay on task
2. Make it regular
3. Keep it simple
So that it doesn't become such a huge chore again. Any ideas?

And here is a small snapshot of something I did get organized. Went through all of my spices, wrote down the names. Gave duplicates to my daughter. Put them in new jars, with new labels- courtesy of my new Brother P-Touch PC label maker.

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  1. If you find something that makes you organized, pass it along, 'cause I need some of that! is the best helper I've found, but even she can't make me do what I need to do to get organized.