Thursday, May 6, 2010

the bunny, the bunny....

We watch a bit of Veggie Tales around here, so please excuse my starting to sing (if you could call it that) one of their songs.

A few years I ago I got a bunny statue for the garden. 5 of 6 and I would place it in different parts of the garden and wait to see how long it took my husband to notice where it was.

I wanted to collect a few more garden bunnies. The cute, non garden eating statuary kind. But no one took the hint.
While antiquing two weeks ago, I ran across a match to the jadite flower pot, the milk glass flower pots, and the bunny.

She's such a cute bunny. She's green. She's a vase. She doesn't eat our freshly transplanted veggie starts.

She's a little bashful. It's her frst blog too.

Think anyone will get the hint now?

Pssst.... mother's day is just around the corner....

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