Monday, May 10, 2010

The weekend

Mother's Day weekend I got to do 2 things that were exciting.

The first was on saturday. I went to the open house of The Birth House, the new, free standing birth center the midwives who took care of me during my last pregnancy opened in Olympia, WA.

If you are interested in home birth, or a birth center birth, and looking for midwives, please check out:

The second event of the weekend was on sunday afternoon. I attended a BOLD Red Tent event. Women of varying ages came together to share their birth stories in a safe, accepting environment. Sitting with several women, sharing their stories of the birth of their babies, on Mother's Day, was a joy and privilege.

 I was blessed not only to share one of my birth stories, but to listen to other women share what happened to them through their pregnancies and deliveries. Also at the event were 2 women, one the mother in law of the event's organizer, both midwives who had or were still practicing, from California. There was over 40 years of experience in birth & birthing in that room.

I am always amazed at what woman can and do go through to bring children into the world. No matter if our births go according to our *plans* or not, it was good to share and be affirmed in  that amazing transition into motherhood.

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