Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Frustrated perfectionist

I haven't quilted in almost 5 years. That's when I got pregnant with 6 of 6. I can't machine sew when I'm pregnant, the needle going up and down gives me motion sickness. I spend a lot of time throwing up when I am pregnant. No need to add to it.

And I haven't had the space to set up the machine and a project where little hands couldn't get into things. I'm hoping maybe, just maybe, there will be space in a few months. I have 3 projects in mind, fabric already bought (oh yeah, pack ratitis, 1 project has been sitting in a bag for 5 years) and would really like to play.

I like quilting. Fabric is a good medium for me, it stretches a bit, so you can improvise the details a bit. I have lots of practice with that. I am somewhat of a perfectionist. Unfortunately I lack the talent to make my hands do what my brain sees. And then I become a frustrated perfectionist. So I stop doing ____ (fill in the blank). Fabric & gardening are forgiving of my imperfections.

It's too cold, windy & rainy to garden right now. And I don't have a space to sew. Maybe I'll just get another hanging basket of flowers to tide me over. And post 2 pictures of completed mini projects I have done, to remind me that sometimes it does all come together.

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